Digital on-campus examinations are delivered in Inspera Assessment*. Students complete the exam on their personal laptop, or a laptop borrowed from the Library using a lockdown browser. 

  • For centrally timetabled exams, submit a request using the exams online portal. All support will be coordinated centrally.

  • For school-based exams, the school is responsible for coordinating all exam logistics listed below. Exam logistics should be organised at least 3 weeks prior to the exam date to ensure resource and staff availability. 

*Note: UQ Medical School do not use Inspera Assessment for digital exams. For UQ Medical School digital on-campus exams, refer to UQ Medical School - ExamSoft

1. Provide instructions to students

Exam Announcement on Learn.UQ 

Post an announcement in the Learn.UQ Course site to instruct students to prepare for their exam. This includes downloading Safe Exam Browser or borrowing a laptop from the Library. 

Announcements should direct students to the instructions on the Library website to ensure they receive the most up-to-date information on how to prepare for their exam. 

Example text: 

This exam will be delivered in Inspera Assessment and will be completed on your personal laptop on-campus.

Before your exam, please ensure you: 

  1. Download Safe Exam Browser to your personal laptop and complete a preparation test to ensure your laptop is suitable
  2. Become familiar with Inspera Assessment
  3. Get support from AskUs if required (including borrowing a laptop from the Library if needed). 
  4. Arrive to your exam 30 minutes before the exam start time. This allows enough time to get seated, log in and launch your exam in Safe Exam Browser.

Exam Information Sheet 

All exams should have the latest Exam Information Sheet posted in your Learn.UQ course site. Please see the Inspera Exam Information Sheets page to find the relevant Exam Information Sheet.