The primary role of examination supervisors is to ensure students have the opportunity to sit examinations under optimal conditions according to University assessment and examination policy and processes. 

Each examination room will have 1 Chief Supervisor and a typical ratio of 1 Assistant Supervisor per 30-40 students.

Start Times

Start times for each role can be found in the table with details of each role's responsibilities listed below:

Role (alphabetical)Start timeLocation
AEA 1-on-1 Chief Supervisor / AEA 1-on-1 Senior Tech30 minutesOffice*
AEA Assistant Supervisor30 minutesAt the venue
AEA Chief Supervisor45 minutesOffice*
AEA Reader/Scribe30 minutesOffice*
AEA Senior Chief Supervisor60 minutesOffice*
Assistant Supervisor45 minutesAt the venue
Chief Supervisor60 minutesOffice*
Examplify Assistant45 minutesAt the venue
Senior Tech AEA Assistant45 minutesAt the venue
Senior Tech Assistant60 minutesAt the venue
Tech Assistant45 minutesAt the venue