Provision of professional advice on academic policy formulation and astute support for program development

The key responsibilities of Academic Policy and Programs (APP) are as follows:

Staff members within Academic Policy and Programs conduct the ‘Minute Writing and Role of the Committee Secretary’ workshop offered through the staff development program. Staff members are available for consultation, via email, phone or in person, regarding agendas, minutes, committee processes, and the use of committee templates.

APP staff members present seminars and training on the Academic Program Approval process and the maintenance of program information in the SI-net Program and Plans database. The team provides advice and consultation relating to the website display of programs on the Programs and Courses website­.  

Staff contacts

Carole Tate: Manager
Phone 3365 1690
For information regarding the Academic Program Approval Process and the Australian Qualifications Framework
Ian Vallely: Coordinator
Phone: 3363 2009
For information regarding the Academic Program Approval Process and the Committee for Academic Programs Policy (CAPP)
Diego Rodriguez Perez: Policy Team Leader
Phone: 3365 1989
For information regarding Academic PPL documents and the Academic Board
Louise Wilson: Programs Team Leader
Phone: 3365 3009
For information regarding program registration on CRICOS, program information and Programs Sub-Committee
Viola Temple-Watts: Administration Officer
Phone: 3365 3206
For information regarding the Teaching and Learning Committee
Ashleigh Potter: Administration Officer
Phone: 3365 1703
For information regarding SI-net configuration, Programs and Courses website, and qualification and institution abbreviations
Erica Ward: Administration Officer
Phone: 3365 1986
For information regarding the University School and Institute Reviews and Academic Board Standing Committee
Alicia Clive: Administration Officer
Phone: 3365 3362
For information regarding the University School and Institute Reviews and the Programs and Courses website
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