The Academic Administration Directorate involves provision of support for teaching and learning at UQ through services that enable effective academic decision making, governance and information provision.  Responsibilities include: support for the formulation and management of academic policies; administration and co-ordination of program design, development and review; management and monitoring of academic timetables; and contributing to meeting the University’s compliance obligations especially with respect to the ESOS Act and the Higher Education Standards.  Academic Administration also traverses aspects of students’ engagement with policy and procedures as they pertain to the code of conduct, appeals and grievance resolution.

Sections within Academic Administration include:

Academic Administration section

Academic Policy and Programs

Provision of professional advice on academic policy formulation and astute support for program development  Academic Policy and Programs (APP) supports the following functions: Provision of administrative support fo...

Student Complaints and Grievance Resolution

The Student Complaints and Grievance Resolution team has two primary functions:  Providing information for students and staff on the University’s Student Integrity and Misconduct policy and processes.

Teaching Space Management

About us Teaching Space Management provides the following services to the University community: * management of centrally controlled teaching space * coordinating the production and publication of t...

Seminar Series

Seminar Series Schedule
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